Free Happy New Year 2022 Wish WhatsApp Script Download and Install on BlogSpot and WordPress

Free Happy New Year 2022 Wish WhatsApp Script Download and Install on BlogSpot and WordPress

Almost every blogger may have heard the phrase “event blogging” at some point. In fact, many of us already earn lots of money from it. Event blogging is a shortcut way to earn money in quick time and less effort. Mainly there are two methods of event blogging. The first one is – write specific event-related content and publish them on your website so that you can drive a massive amount of traffic to your website during this event. However, in this case, SEO plays a vital role. Whereas the second method doesn’t need any SEO, only you have to make a wishing script and put AdSense code on it and then share it on WhatsApp or any other social network. That’s it.

So if you’re thinking about earning money by making a wishing script in this new year event but don’t have any coding knowledge or don’t want to spend money for it, then you’re here in the right place. Because here I am going to share my own Happy New Year 2022 wishing WhatsApp script for free, and you can use it without any copyright issues. Also, here I will show you how to customize and install this script on BlogSpot or WordPress websites. So stay stick with the post if you really need it.

How to Download Happy New Year Wishing Script 2022 For Free:

Click on the below link to download the .zip file of happy new year 2022 WhatsApp wishing script for absolutely free.

Features Of New Year 2022 Wishing Script:

  • Made using HTML, CSS and Javascript 
  • Fast loading
  • Fully responsive
  • Attractive
  • Auto music play
  • Ads ready
  • Customizable
  • No encrypted script

How To Customize Happy New Year 2022 Wishing Script:

  • Extract the .zip file, and then open the extracted folder. 
  • Now open the “index.html” file on a text editor like notepad++ on your computer or WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite on your Android phone.
  • Then press the “Ctrl+F” key and type “” on the find window, and then press Enter to find the phrase.
  • Once you’ve found the phrase, replace it with your website URL.
  • Now, again find the phrase “<!–ADS CODE HERE — >” and paste the AdSense code between the phrases. You’ve to do this twice.

If you don’t have any AdSense approved domain then you can use advertisement networks like ylliX, where you can get instant approval and the threshold payout amount is 1$

  • Also, you can change the image and quotes used here for this, follow the instructions given inside the .zip file.

Once customization is done, the script is ready to install on your website.

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How to Install New Year 2022 Wishing Script on BlogSpot Website:

  • Login to your BlogSpot account.
  • Select the blog where you want to install this script. If you don’t have any blog, then create a new blog.
  • Now navigate to the “Theme” option.
  • Click on the “Down-pointing triangle” or “Expander triangle” beside the “CUSTOMIZE” option.
  • Click on “Switch to first generation Classic theme” on the expanded menu.
  • While you’re doing this, you’ll be asked whether you want to take a Backup before switching. If you’ve content on your website, then I would highly recommend you to take a backup before switching to the first generation classic theme.
  • After switching to first generation classic theme, you’ll be able to see the “EDIT HTML” button. Now click on it.
  • After clicking on the “EDIT HTML” button, you will be taken to a new page having an HTML editor widget.
  • Now click anywhere inside the HTML editor and press the “Ctrl+A” keys together and then press “Backspace” in order to select and delete all the existing HTML codes.
  • Go back and copy all codes from the previously customized New year 2022 wishing script, and then paste it on the empty HTML editor widget.
  • Click on the “Save” icon. Once updated, the script is successfully installed on your BlogSpot website.
  • Now go back to the “Theme” option and then click on the “Down-pointing triangle” and then click on “Change NavBar” and then Off it.

That’s it. You’re now ready to earn from Happy New Year 2022 wishing script by sharing it. Remember, more share more revenues.

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How to Install Happy New Year 2022 Wishing Script on WordPress Website: 

Installing this script on the WordPress website involves modification of folder in cPanel. As a result, if somehow you messed up with the existing files in cPanel while installing this script, then your content may be lost forever. But if we create a subfolder under the main domain and work on it, always be the safest way to work with it.

I am talking about installing the script on a sub-directory or a subdomain so that your main domain and its files or folders don’t get tempered mistakenly. For the sake of this post, I am going to use the subdomain to install this script.

So, first of all, you’ve to create a subdomain under the main domain. The process of creating subdomains are different for the different hosting provider, but if you’re using Hostinger hosting, then follow the instruction given below:

  • Login to your Hostinger account.
  • Navigate to “Hosting” and click on the “Manage” beside the main domain.
  • Scroll below and find “Subdomains” under the “Domains” option.
  •  Now put any name of the subdomain on the box under “Create a New Subdomain”.
  •  Click on “Create”.
  • Wait for a while to get a notification– “Domain created successfully”.

Once you’ve created the subdomain, a subfolder with the name of this subdomain is created inside the main domain’s folder. Now to install the script on this subdomain:

  • Open cPanel or file manager.
  • Click on the main domain, and navigate to “public_html”.
  • Find the folder that has the same name as your subdomain.
  • Open it and delete the “default.php” file.
  • Upload the script file. Also, remember that the script file name must be “index.html”, otherwise it does not work.

That’s all about how to download and install the happy new year WhatsApp wishing script on BlogSpot or WordPress website for free. Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions about this topic.

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Does It Possible to Earn Money Without AdSense?

Yes, it is possible to earn money if you don’t have any AdSense approved domain. There are lots of advertisement networks from where you can get instant approval. Yllix is one of them, where you can payout a minimum of 1$. So if you don’t have any AdSense approved domain, go ahead and create a new account on the ylliX network and paste the code on the happy new year wishing script. 

Can I Revert to the Old BlogSpot Website?

You can revert to your original BlogSpot website anytime. For this
Login to your blogger account.
Navigate to “Theme”
Click on the “Down-pointing triangle”
Then click on “Switch to second generation Layouts theme”

Where Can I Share This Script?

You can share this script on WhatsApp along with other social media.

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