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Remember that when you first got an android phone in your hand you were so excited, and it ran so smoothly. But as the has time passed, the device has slow down considerably to the point that it is annoying, Now what should you do? Looking for a new phone? Before doing that let’s try these following tips to speed up your android mobile.

5 Way to Speed Up Your Android Device:

1.Clear Cached Data:

When you use apps, data is cached to improve the performance of apps, But this is good for the apps not for the rest of the device. More cached data may be caused by your slow device, though you can clear cached data easily and quickly by the following step
A.Go to the settings scroll down in the settings page and find the options storage and tab on it

B. Find cached data option and tab on it then click on OK.

2.Clean Up Device Storage:

Sometimes shortage of storage space may slow down your device. In order to run apps in your phone many temporary files created automatically and permanently store in your device, these are called junk file that consumes your device storage and if your device storage is not enough then apps may not run smoothly because new junk file not get stored properly when apps running. So keep deleting unwanted junk file that can help to run apps as well as your device smoothly. You can do this by using apps like clean master phone cleaner etc.

3. Turn Off Animation:

You can also improve your phone performance by turn off or changing your windows animation scale. This is a hidden feature on your phone. In order to do this, you have to enable developer option.

A.Go to settings>About>build number now tab on it 7 times. Now you are able to access developer option.

B. Again go back to the settings and then go to additional settings. Now find out developer option and tab on it.

C. Scroll down and you will see an option Window animation scale, click on it and choose the animation off option.

4. Factory Reset:

One of the best way to breath new life into your Android phone by doing the factory reset.particularly in older handsets, it is the best way to achieve, a performance boosts. But remember that factory reset means all of your data will be deleted. So take a backup before you do this.

5. System Update:

Did you update your system software at regular interval? Sometimes an outdated system software version conflict with apps, as a result, your phone may not perform well. So go to settings then about then system update, your phone will check for the update if available then update it. Make sure your phone is connected with charger and also internet during this process.
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Are this tips work on your device? Please comment below.

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