hide photo,hide folder,hide videos an android mobile
Nowadays smartphone coming with enough internal storage, so that we can store lots of things like photos, videos or any documents. Some of this item may be private and you don’t want to share it with anyone else. As a result, you may feel embarrassed when you gave your phone to someone or when someone used your phone. However, you can hide those items from the prying eyes so that no one is apprising of it.

How to hide folder In the Android:-

Android itself provides an easy way to hide files and folder, no password protection though. However, many third-party apps also available in the play store, those are allowing you to lock file or folder with password or pattern. Though the risk of data licking is there when it comes down to third party apps as it needs to agree with their privacy policies to use those. Last of all, it is up to you, whether you want to use Android in-built feature or third-party apps.

Hide folder by using the inbuilt feature of Android:-

Android has a feature to hide file itself. for hiding photos, videos or folder, you must have an inbuilt file manager on your phone. If don’t have, you can download any file manager apps like ES FILE EXPLORER. Though, almost every Android smartphone has an inbuilt file manager.


After installing a file manager open it. Select those photos, videos or folder. Now add a dot “.” before the name of those photos, videos or folder by renaming it.
If you want to keep all your private data within a single folder Then move all private data into a folder and add a dot “.” before the folder name. For example “.my folder


After doing this go to the settings option in your file manager, disable “show hidden file” option. Now, the file/folder is no longer visible in your file manager.

Hide Folder In Android Mobile By Using Third-Party Apps:-

If you want to hide private photos, videos or folder by using password protection. You can use third-party apps, As there are many free and paid apps available in the play store. List of some best folder lock apps are given below.
Hope this will help you. if so then comment below and share it.

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