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Solved – Infolinks Ads.txt Integration Error For Blogger Blog

Infolinks Ads.txt Integration Error For Blogger Blog

Infolinks is the third-largest advertising platform. Therefore, being a website owner Infolinks might have stuck in your mind next to Adsense, for monetizing your website. Also, many of us use this already.
However, if you’re a beginner and try to monetize your website with Infolinks, you may get errors while adding the Ads.txt file in your Website.Especially if your website is running on Blogspot you will surely get this error like this.

The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules. See https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/
In this article, I will share the process to fix Infolinks Ads.txt integration error.

How To Fix Infolinks Ads.txt Integration Error:

Before proceeding further let me assume two things. The first one is you already got Ads.txt file from Infolinks and the second one is you already know how to add Ads.txt file on Blogspot. If you don’t know these then let’s take a look at this quick guide

How To Get Infolinks Ads.txt:

  • Sign up at Infolinks as a publisher and enter your web address.
  • Wait for approval. Generally, it can take up to 48 hours.
  • Once your website gets approved, sign in and click on Ads.txt.

How To Add Ads.txt On Blogspot:

  • Sign in your blogger account.
  • Then navigate through Settings>Search Prefference>Monetization.
  • Now tap on Edit and then Yes and then paste the Ads.txt on the box bellow Monetization.

Fixed Inforlinks Ads.txt Error:

  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Copy the Ads.txt from Infolinks and paste it on Notepad++
  3. Now find “reseller” those written in “lower case”
  4. Change those into “upper case”
  5. Now copy this and paste it on the box bellow monetization in the Blogger windows.

Infolinks Ads.txt Integration Error For Blogger Blog-Solved

That’s it.Hope Infolinks Ads.txt integration error has gone.