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How to Create and Import Custom Animated WhatsApp Stickers on Any Android Device

WhatsApp’s Sticker sharing feature may be disappointing for some die-hard WhatsApp users, as WhatsApp doesn’t provide any native facet to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers.

How to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers on Android and iPhone


WhatsApp’s sticker sharing feature for Android OS has been around there for a long time. Though, this feature wasn’t so popular initially. But after the inclusion of animated stickers, this feature has gained substantial popularity around the globe. Nowadays, sending stickers (essentially animated stickers) has become a trend among most WhatsApp users. In spite of this popularity, the sticker sharing feature still has some downsides. For example- WhatsApp’s default sticker library comes with a few pre-loaded sticker packs. At the same time, WhatsApp doesn’t provide any native facet to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers. Eventually, these limitations may disappoint some WhatsApp users, maybe you too!

Wait, here I am going to share a couple of ways to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers on any Android device.

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How to Create and Import Custom Animated WhatsApp Sticker Without Third-party Android Apps:

In general, there is no difference between animated WhatsApp stickers and animated media files except the file extension. Animated stickers for WhatsApp essentially need to be in WebP format as WhatsApp doesn’t support other file extensions like MP4, GIF, etc. However, if you convert these MP4 or GIF files into WebP format (can be done quite easily), these can be used as animated WhatsApp stickers.

So, the hierarchy of this process should be: get animated media file first, then convert it into WebP format and finally import it into WhatsApp sticker library.

Getting Animated Media File:

You can create your own media files on your Android phone. There are lots of applications available in the play store for this. However, it requires some video editing or animation making skills. If you have the skill or if you want to create your own animated media files as custom animated WhatsApp stickers, you can read this post, link is given below.

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Otherwise, if you don’t want to waste your time by creating your own animated media files, you can rely on the internet. Many websites are there from where you can be able to download thousands of attractive animated media files for free. GHIPHY.COM and TENOR.COM are the two most popular websites those I use more often for this utility. Even I would like to recommend these two websites for you.

So, now for the sake of this post, I am going to download animated media files from GHIPHY.COM, for this

  • Download the apps on your android phone. The link is given below or you can search and download it from the play store.

Download GIPHY

  • Open the application and search what kind of sticker you need, for example, if you want to create a “happy birthday” sticker then type the phrase on the GIPHY search bar.
  • Now choose whatever from the search result and open it.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top of the right side.
  • Tap on Save GIF. Remember that the GIF file is saved inside the Picture folder on your phone’s internal storage.


Once you have saved the GIF file on your phone, you have to convert and resize the GIF file before importing it as a custom animated WhatsApp sticker.

Resize and Convert the Media File:

Now you have the animated media file in either GIF or MP4 or any other format, but WhatsApp doesn’t support these files extension as an animated sticker. Hence, you have to convert the media file into WebP format before importing it into the WhatsApp sticker library.

  • Open any internet browser on your android phone.
  • Open www.ezgif.com on the internet browser.
  • Tap on WebP.
  • Then Choose the animated media file and Upload it by tapping on the corresponding option.

Custom animated WhatsApp sticker- convert GIF to WebP

  • Now scroll all the down all the way and tap on “Make WebP“.

Custom animated WhatsApp sticker- convert GIF to WebP

  • Tap on “resize” icon and set the height and width arround 450 px.
  • Then tap on “Resize image!
  • Finally, scroll down and tap on the “save” icon to download the WebP file.

One more optional thing you can do i.e remove the background of the animated media file. You can do this easily by visiting www.unscreen.com.

So if you have completed all of the above steps, go ahead and follow carefully the trickiest step i.e import this media file into the WhatsApp sticker library.

Import the Media file into WhatsApp’s Sticker Library:

This is going to be a bit tricky as WhatsApp doesn’t allow the users to import the animated sticker directly to WhatsApp’s sticker library. Hence we have to tweak the WhatsApp’s file directory on the Android device to import the file.

  • First of all, tell your friend to send a sticker (any sticker) on your WhatsApp account or if you have more than one WhatsApp account then send a sticker from your other account to one of your accounts.
  • Now open “File Manager” on your phone and navigate to WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Stickers folder.
  • Now find the sticker file that you told someone to send your WhatsApp account (if not sure then see the preview of the sticker by tapping on it).
  • Once you find the sticker file, long tap on it and go to Rename option and then copy the name of the sticker (Remember: don’t copy the file extension)
  • Now rename the animated media file with the same name that you copied from the WhatsApp sticker.
  • Move the file inside the WhatsApp Stickers folder and replace the older one.

That’s it, now the custom animated sticker is successfully imported to your WhatsApp sticker library.

How to Access Custom Animated WhatsApp Sticker:

  • Once you have moved the animated media file into the WhatsApp Stickers folder, close the WhatsApp completely (close it if running on background) and open it again.
  • Now open the chat where someone sent the sticker recently. While you open the chat, you will see that the previous sticker was replaced by your custom animated sticker.
  • Tap on the sticker once and tap on “ADD TO FAVOURITES“.
  • You can access the sticker later by tapping on the Emoji icon> Sticker icon> Favourites icon.

How to Create and Import Custom Animated WhatsApp Sticker Using Third-party Android Apps:

If you find the above process is tedious, then you can use third-party applications to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers.

You will find a lot of third-party applications on the play store for creating and importing custom animated WhatsApp stickers on your android phone. Here I am going to use the Animated Sticker Maker, one of the best Android apps I’ve seen so far. This app not only lets you import the GIF/video files from the phone gallery but also lets you import the GIF files directly from the most popular websites like GIPHY and TENOR.

Now let’s see how to create and import custom aminated WhatsApp stickers using the Animated Sticker Maker.

  • Download and install the “Animated Sticker Maker” apps on your Android phone.
  • Open the apps.
  • Tap on “Create pack“.
  • Put the Pack name and Author name inside the pop-up box and then tap “CREATE“.

Animated Sticker Maker Create Sticker Pack

  • After creating the sticker pack, you have to import videos or GIF files. For this tap on the “+” sign inside the green circle. The good thing about this apps is, it provides many options to import media files from different sources. For example- you can import the GIF/video files from the phone gallery, also you can import directly from Giphy and Tenor.
  • Now choose any suitable option and import media files.

Animated Sticker Maker import media files such as GIF or video

  • Once you’ve imported the media files, the apps will show three tools to edit them, those are – Background eraser, Crop, and Write.
    Use these tools if needed.
  • Now tap on “SAVE” to convert this media file into an animated WhatsApp sticker.
  • Add atleast seven media file inside the sticker pack in order to import them into the WhatsApp sticker library.
  • Once you are done, tap on “ADD TO WHATSAPP” to add the sticker pack to your WhatsApp account.

Animated Sticker Maker import animated sticker to WhatsApp sticker library

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How to Access and Remove Custom Animated WhatsApp Stickers on Android Device:

To access the custom animated stickers that you have imported to your WhatsApp account using Animated Sticker Maker App

  • Open any WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap on Emoji Icon and then Sticker Icon.
  • Here you will see your custom stickers, now tap on any stickers to send them out.


If you want to remove the custom animated sticker WhatsApp sticker, then

  • Navigate and open the sticker pack.
  • Tap on the “+” sign as shown in the picture below.
  • Navigate to “MY STICKERS
  • Tap on the “Delete” icon to delete it.



Does it Possible to Create Custom Animated WhatsApp Sticker On Windows 10:

No, you won’t be able to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers on Windows 10. But you can send custom animated WhatsApp stickers from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop extension. To send the custom animated WhatsApp stickers from WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop
Open any chat and then press “Alt+Ctrl+S”, which will open the WhatsApp sticker library.
Then select the custom animated WhatsApp sticker to send it.

That’s it about how to create and import custom animated WhatsApp stickers on any android device. Does this work on your device? Please comment below.