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Holi 2021 WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script Download For Blogger And WordPress

Holi 2021 WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script Download For Blogger And WordPress

Earning money online is a living trend in this era of the internet. There are many ways that you can earn money using the internet. Event blogging is one of them. Literary, event blogging can give you thousands of dollars within minimum time and effort. Two types of event blogging are there. The first one is writing specific event-related...

How To Check The Bootloader Status Of Your Android Device Using ABD Commands

How To Check The Bootloader Status Of Your Android Device Using ABD Commands

There is no absolute way of checking whether the bootloader of your android device is locked or not. Because different device manufacturers provide different ways of checking bootloader status. However, checking the bootloader status using ADB commands works on almost every android device. I will guide you on how to check whether the bootloader of your android device is...

Things You Need To Know About The Android Bootloader


We often hear the term bootloader while rooting, flashing custom or recovery ROM on android devices. However, this term always confused most of the android users as we don't have much knowledge about it. Consequently, it brings lots of question to the mind of many users. For example: what is the bootloader? why it keeps locked in your phone?...

Setting Up VPN Connection On Windows 10 Using PPTP And OpenVPN Protocol


Internet has been around there for more than a half-century. But since the last decade, it has gone through massive growth which made it the most quickly and widely adopted technology across the globe. Nowadays the internet is so powerful that you can do almost everything thing just in a few click, literally. Though the internet has made our...

How To Unhide,Enable,Disable and Hide Android Developer Options

How To Unhide, Enable, Disable and Hide Android Developer Options

You may have heard about android developer options. If don't then let you know that android developer options is a handy feature of android which allows you to configure the system behaviour, profiling apps performance, debugging over USB and so on. Generally, Android keeps the developer options hidden so you have to unhide this manually to use it. In...

30+ Top-notch Free Responsive Customizable SEO Ready Blogger Template[2021]

30+ free and responsive blogger template(New-2021)

Besides well-known SEO stuffs like keyword research, keyword placing, writing quality content, link building, etc. UX and UI are also the two most vital parameters for SEO. An attractive user interface of your blog can drive and engage more traffic to your website. Hence choosing the perfect template for your blog is very crucial and time-consuming as well. So...

How To Change Local Drive Icon On Windows 10


I found three reasons for that anyone wants to change the drive icon on Windows 10.Just because of curiosity like me. To indicate that the particular drive contains particular files. Or you are getting bored with the default drive icon and want to give an elegant look of file explorer.Therefore, If you are here for one of the aforementioned reasons then...

How To Record Whatsapp Voice Call On Android

Two Best Way To Record Whatsapp Voice Call On Android

You may find many reasons to keep the records of Whatsapp voice conversation on your Android phone. But Whatsapp doesn't have any native features for voice call recording. Some model of Infinix, Vivo, etc. can record Whatsapp voice call through its in-built voice recorder though for this you have to tune some of its settings.On the other hand, most...

How To Add Table Of Contents In Blogger Post


Hello, bloggers In this post I will share "How To Add Responsive Table Of Contents To Bloggger Post".So if your website is hosted on google blog i.e blogger.com then follow this post thoroughly.What Is Table Of Contents: You may already see that every book has a printed table of contents at the starting. Usually, the printed table of content includes...

Best 9 Animation Apps For Android[2021]


A decade ago, creating professional animations on Android phone was like a daydream. But this scenario has been changed as time goes. Android app developers have already developed lots of powerful animation applications. These days, anyone can easily create computer class animation on their Android mobile without having much knowledge about graphics design and animations. So thanks to all...